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Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection (Rail Mount) - Steel, Only 40 lbs!

  • $504.99

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This raised gooseneck ball model hitch is designed to tow a fifth wheel trailer with your standard pickup bed rails.

The lightweight "A" Frame elevates a 2-5/16" ball up to the height of a normal fifth wheel king pin. You then install the included adapter on your king pin and set the trailer on the ball like a gooseneck. The hitch pulls the trailer from the same position so you do not add any stress to the fifth wheel like gooseneck adapters.

Download the installation Manual --> HERE


  • Tows smoother: virtually No Play in the ball eliminating clunking on starting and stopping
  • Tighter tolerances help to eliminate bucking and chugging
  • Built-in ball funnel allows for easy hook up from your truck cab - can be offset by up to 3" and funnel will guid the ball into place
    • You never need to grease the ball or coupler so the hitch stays clean
  • Lightweight
    • Weighs only 40 lbs so it is easy to remove and install with only one person
  • Adjustable
    • 3-Position ball adjusts up and down
      • Keeps coupler height at the normal king pin height
    • Coupler can be installed on either side of the kingpin providing the required amount of clearance
  • Included coupler adapter attaches to 5th-wheel trailer's king pin and fits over hitch ball on base
    • Fits industry-standard 2" king pins
    • Requires no grease
    • Constructed of aluminum, so it's lightweight and won't corrode
  • Remote release lets you engage and disengage coupler on trailer without having to climb into your pickup truck bed
  • Trailer hookup is easy, even on ground that isn't level
    • Gooseneck ball has greater swivel radius than standard 5th-wheel hitch
  • Made in the USA



    • Gross towing weight: 20,000 lbs
    • Vertical load limit: 4,500 lbs
    • Ball diameter: 2-5/16"
    • Weight: 40 lbs
    • Height from bed of truck to top of ball mount:
      • In lowest position: 16-1/8"
      • In middle position: 17-7/16"
      • In highest position: 19"
    • 1-Year limited warranty

    Option to Add Safety Chains:

    Although safety chains are not required for fifth-wheel connections, some states require safety chains for towing specifically on a ball. Some people may also feel more comfortable having this added safety measure, and they can easily be added to your truck.

    Our Safety Chains are built tough! They have been road-tested and meet all current requirements. They come with everything needed to install with your Ultimate Connection (Rail or Gooseneck version), creating a quick installation.

    NOTE: The two eyelet bolts replace the king pin coupler bolts that ship with the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection (Rail and Gooseneck version).

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