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Ultimate Connection Ball-Funnel Kit for Kingpin Coupler Block with current ball - #3245

  • $99.99

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If you bought one of the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connections prior to the new Ball Funnel implementation you can buy one to add to your existing kingpin adapter!

With the new ball-funnel you can be up to 3-inches off of the ball in any direction and it will still drop onto the ball no problem!

This funnel is designed to fit the kingpin coupler used for all the Andersen Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection models.

Note if you have an older Ultimate Fifth Wheel connection Model you may have an issue with the funnel contacting the frame of the hitch if the trailer tilts to the extreme positions and the ball is set at the lowest position.  This has been fixed with a new ball that has been raised 1/2 inch from the original in the lowest position.  This Part 3246 includes the new ball design that will not cause this problem on the lowest setting. 

*This is just the funnel and new ball. Rectangle block is not included*

Part #3245

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  • Is the funnel steel or plastic? Looking for steel funnel to replace my plastic one.

    This is the plastic funnel, Andersen originally made a steel funnel but replaced with this model.  Unfortunatly we are all out of the steel models.