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Andersen 'No Sway' Weight Distribution Hitch - 2" Shank

  • $474.99

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The 'No-Sway' Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch is the smoothest, quietest, and simplest weight distribution hitch available. Featuring the patented, super-quiet Anti-Sway and Anti-Bounce TMD (True Motion-Dampening) system.

This 2" Shank version:

  • Comes as either a 4" or 8" drop/rise hitch
  • Comes with a 2" or 2-5/16" ball included.
  • Available for the following trailer frame sizes: 3", 4", 4-3/8", 5", 6", 7", or 8"

2-1/2" Shank version is also available.

Weight Ratings

2" Ball 2-5/16" Ball
2" Shank 10,000 GTWR / 1,000 lbs tongue 14,000 GTWR / 1,400 lbs tongue
2-1/2" Shank not available 16,000 GTWR / 1,600 lbs tongue

    To figure out which Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch you need, choose the following 3 options: Ball size, Shank length (drop/rise), and Bracket size.




      IMPORTANT: The 8" drop does not have as many increments in the 0"–4" area as the 4" drop does. It's usefulness is mostly in the 4"–8" area (see specs for 4" & 8" below).
      • Three different frame brackets to choose from: 
        • 3", 4", 5", 6" Bracket (same bracket, holes in 1" increments"
        • 4-3/8" Bracket (one bracket, one size)
        • 8" Bracket (one bracket, one size)
      • Custom-sized WD shanks and brackets are available on request. Custom fees may apply.
      • NOTE: If your trailer frame is slightly ‘off’ from standard sizing, you may need to choose the closest bracket size that is slightly BIGGER than your frame size.
      • NOTE: Currently the Andersen WD Hitch is NOT compatible with Atwood 88007, 88010, 88555 and 88600 couplers (all other Atwood couplers are fine).


      Installation is easy and fast. Once installed, trailer is easy to hitch and unhitch from the vehicle! 

      >> Click Here for the Installation Manual <<


      Chain length: 29" + 1.5" D-ring anchor 

      (Chain extensions available: each extension includes 6 links and 1 threaded link approximately 11.25")

      andersen weight distribution hitch 4 in drop dimensions

      andersen weight distribution hitch 8 in drop dimensions


      Andersen Part Numbers for WD Hitch Variations:

      Weight Distribution Hitch variations with part numbers

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      • How wide can the trailer frame be for this to work?

        The bolts included to mount the brackets to your frame are 5/8" x 4" long.  Although this will work for most frames (3" wide and under)  However you can replace these bolts with longer ones if your trailer frame is wider.  

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