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Andersen 'No Sway' Weight Distribution Hitch - 2-1/2" Shank

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The 'No-Sway' Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch is the smoothest, quietest, and simplest weight distribution hitch available. Featuring the patented, super-quiet Anti-Sway and Anti-Bounce TMD (True Motion-Dampening) system.

This 2-1/2" Shank version has a higher weight rating of up to 16,000lbs and 1,600lbs tongue. 

  • Comes as either a 4" or 8" drop/rise hitch.
  • Comes with a  2-5/16" ball included (2" ball not available with this shank in prepackaged kit).
  • Available for the following trailer frame sizes: 3", 4", 5", & 6" (4-3/8" and 8" brackets not available in prepackaged kit)
  • Custom-sized WD shanks and brackets are available on request. Custom fees may apply. Contact for options.
A 2" Shank version is also available.

    To figure out which Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch you need, choose the following 3 options: Ball size, Shank length (drop/rise), and Bracket size.




      IMPORTANT: The 8" drop does not have as many increments in the 0"–4" area as the 4" drop does. It's usefulness is mostly in the 4"–8" area (see specs for 4" & 8" below).

      • The 2-1/2" Shank comes only with the "3", 4", 5", 6" Bracket"
      • NOTE: If your trailer frame is slightly ‘off’ from standard sizing, you may need to choose the closest bracket size that is slightly BIGGER than your frame size.
      • NOTE: Currently the Andersen WD Hitch is NOT compatible with Atwood 88007, 88010, 88555 and 88600 couplers (all other Atwood couplers are fine).

      WD Hitch Weight Ratings

      WD Hitch 2" Ball 2-5/16" Ball
      2" Shank 10,000 GTWR / 1,000 lbs tongue 14,000 GTWR / 1,400 lbs tongue
      2-1/2" Shank not available 16,000 GTWR / 1,600 lbs tongue



      Installation is easy and fast. Once installed, trailer is easy to hitch and unhitch from the vehicle! 

      >> Click Here for the Installation Manual <<


      Chain length: 29" + 1.5" D-ring anchor 

      Andersen WD Hitch chain length measurement

      (Chain extensions available: each extension includes 6 links and 1 threaded link approximately 11.25")

      Andersen WD Hitch 4 in drop dimentions

      Andersen WD Hitch 4 in drop dimentions

      Andersen WD Hitch 8 in drop dimentions

      Andersen WD Hitch 8 in drop dimentions

       Andersen WD Hitch Variations and Part Numbers:

      Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch Variations with Part Numbers

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      • How wide can the trailer frame be for this hitch to work?

        The bolts included to mount the brackets to your frame are 5/8" x 4" long.  Although this will work for most frames (3" wide and under)  However you can replace these bolts with longer ones if your trailer frame is wider.